Founding members

The founding members of AIRAPT, and the organizations they belong to, are:

  • Prof. O. L. Anderson, Columbia University, USA
  • Prof. L. Deffet, Institut Belge des Hautes Pressions, Belgium
  • Prof. G. E. Duvall, Washington State University, USA
  • Prof. E. U. Franck, Institut fur Physikalische Chemie Tech. Hochschule (Karlsruhe), W. Germany
  • Dr. S. D. Hamann, C.S.I R.O., Australia
  • Prof. J. C. Jamieson, University of Chicago, USA
  • Dr. R. W. Keyes, International Business Machines, USA
  • Dr. E. G. Lundblad, Scandiament, Sweden
  • Prof. D. M. Newitt, Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK
  • Prof. J. Osugi, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Prof. W. Paul, Harvard University, USA
  • Dr. H. Ll. D. Pugh, National Engineering Laboratory, UK
  • Dr. C. J. M. Roijmans, Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands
  • Prof. I. Sorgata, University of Padua, Italy
  • Prof. N. J. Trappeniers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Academician L. F. Vereschagin, Institute of High Pressure Physics, USSR
  • Prof. B. Vodar, C.N.R.S., France
  • Prof. K. E. Weale, Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK