Historical AIRAPT documents (1966-1982)

In April 2016, the AIRAPT Executive Committee was contacted by M. François-Yves JULIEN, archivist of the Academie François Bourdon (AFB).

In 2003, the Institut Universitaire de Technologie Le Creusot had asked the AFB to take care of a large amount of AIRAPT documents, and M. Julien needed clarification on their status.

The Executive Committee proposed (*) to deposit these documents at AFB for an indefinite period of time. The AFB will take care of this material, index it and make an inventory.

The archive is composed of 23 linear meters of documents, dated 1966–1982, including proceedings of conferences/workshops, press articles, scientific articles, reviews, PhD thesis, letters… Among the documents, we can find the 1980 Award of the International Research Promotion Prize, and the 1982 project for an international high pressure database.

The material will be available to anyone interested at the site of the Academie. The AFB is located at Le Creusot, a commune in the Saône-et-Loire department in the region of Bourgogne in eastern France.

(*) This point was first discussed at a Gordon Conference on 20 July 2016, and mentioned in the Newsletter 2016.

Contact person at AFB:

François-Yves JULIEN, Archivist
Académie François Bourdon
Cour du Manège-Château de la Verrerie
BP 60031, 71201 Le Creusot Cedex, France
Tél. : 03 85 80 81 51

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