Serge Desgreniers

Serge DesgreniersSerge Desgreniers
Serge Desgreniers received his doctoral degree from Cornell University. He is currently Professor of Physics at the University of Ottawa in Canada where he leads the Laboratoire de physique des solides denses (LPSD). He has over 35 years of research experience in physics of condensed matter at extreme conditions, with an interest in dense molecular systems and instrumentation. He has used laser light scattering and synchrotron radiation to carry out various infrared spectroscopic and X-ray scattering experiments for the study of phase transitions and physical properties of dense solids. He has been a synchrotron radiation user at various facilities around the world (CHESS, APS, ESRF, and SPring-8) and a regular user and beam team member at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) since 2006. He is a current member of the CLS Scientific Advisory Committee and the AIRAPT Executive Committee (from 2019). Email: