Jamieson Award

J. C. Jamieson (1924-1983)
During the AIRAPT Conference, the Jamieson Award is given for outstanding achievement in the field of high pressure research by a young scientist.

John Calhoun Jamieson (1924-1983) was Professor of Geophysics at the University of Chicago.  Most of his research used static high pressures.  However, he also performed shock experiments at Los Alamos and SRI International.  The John C. Jamieson Memorial Fund, which initially supported the Award, was established by a number of Jamieson's former students and colleagues.  The Award is now supported by funds from AIRAPT.

More information on J. C. Jamieson's life and career can be found in Schock, R. N. (1986), John C. Jamieson January 5, 1924, to June 26, 1983, J. Geophys. Res., 91(B5), 4616–4620.

If the person nominated for the AIRAPT Jamieson Award has already defended their doctoral thesis, then the date of the thesis defense must not be more than 4 years before the beginning of the Conference at which the Award is presented. Nominations for the Jamieson Award should be sent by a senior scientist or by the candidate (self-nomination) to the AIRAPT Secretary by e-mail in PDF format.

Applications should contain:

  • One or more letters of recommendation by senior members of the high pressure scientific community;
  • Curriculum vitae et studiorum of the candidate;
  • List of publications of the candidate.

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for the Jamieson Award is five months before the beginning of the AIRAPT Conference at which the Award is presented. Please see the AIRAPT Constitution/By-laws for more details on the AIRAPT Jamieson Award.