Alexander Soldatov

Alexander SoldatovAlexander Soldatov
Alexander V. Soldatov is Professor of Physics at the Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. He focuses his research on novel carbon-based materials and disordered systems synthesized from nanostructured carbon precursors (fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene) under high static and dynamic pressure/high temperature. He has background and expertise in low temperature and high pressure experiment and actively uses synchrotron and neutron spallation sources in his research. He is a member of the Swedish Universities Advisory Board on MAX IV Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The other areas of his research interest include molecular electronics devices, sensors, quantum phenomena in molecular nanostructures, single molecule spectroscopy, tribology. Prof. Soldatov is a recipient of Shubnikov Prize for research on thermal properties of solid Hydrogens (H2, HD, D2) at temperatures down to 1K. His publication record includes Science, Nano Letters, Nanoscale, PRL, PRB, etc. He served two times as Member of the EHPRG Committee. He was elected Member of the AIRAPT Executive Committee in 2015. Email: