2024 Jamieson and Van Valkenburg Awards : Call for nominations

The 2024 Gordon Conference on Research at High Pressures will be held from July 14-19, at the Holderness School, Holderness, New Hampshire, USA. 


The high-pressure community is fortunate to have two awards that are given at this conference to recognize contributions to this field by young researchers.  The J.C. Jamieson Award and the Alvin Van Valkenburg Award are given to promote the memory of two pioneers in high pressure research.

John Calhoun Jamieson was formerly a Professor of Geophysics at the University of Chicago and made far reaching contributions to scientific research.  Alvin Van Valkenburg, was the inventor of the diamond anvil cell, and was one of the most important early pioneers in the field of high pressure research.

Traditionally we have honoured a young scientist working in high pressure, or a scientist new to the area of high pressure, with the Alvin Van Valkenburg Award. In addition, the J.C. Jamieson Award has been given to an outstanding graduate student working in this area.

We would like to solicit nominations from the high-pressure community for these two awards and ask that you send to us a supporting letter and CV in PDF format for anyone whom you would like to elect. The recipients of these awards will be given invited talks at the GRC to present their work.

Please email your nominations to the Conference Chair, Chris Pickard, cjp20@cam.ac.uk, the vice chair Tim Strobel, tstrobel@carnegiescience.edu  and the Chair of the Awards  Committee Sakura Pascarelli, sakura.pascarelli@xfel.eu, to arrive no later than midnight GMT on Monday January, 22nd, 2024.

Please see the conference website for the current list of speakers:


Chris Pickard, Tim Strobel and Sakura Pascarelli
Chair and Vice-Chair, 2024 GRC Conference on Research at High Pressure
Chair of the Awards Committee