[20140315] Malcolm F. Nicol Graduate Scholars Program in High Pressure Science, University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV), USA

The High Pressure Science and Engineering Center at the University of Nevada Las Vegas is now accepting applications for the Malcolm F. Nicol Graduate Scholars Program in High Pressure Science. 

Scholars will be chosen based on superior merit as well as the relevance of their research area. Relevant research areas include high pressure investigations in Physics, Geoscience, Chemistry, and Materials science.  US residents who are either pursuing a PhD, or who have applied for admission to a PhD program at UNLV are eligible to apply.  MFN Scholars are awarded a Research Assistantship of $28,000/year. Full tuition and fees for the scholars are also covered.

HiPSEC (http://hipsec.unlv.edu) is an interdisciplinary research center composed of faculty, research staff, postdoctoral fellows and students from departments within the UNLV College of Sciences. HiPSEC enjoys dedicated synchrotron beam time at sector 16 (HPCAT) of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab. Experimental capabilities include shock wave, diamond anvil cell, and large volume high pressure apparatus as well as a computational cluster with access to super computing facilities. Interested students are encouraged to contact HiPSEC faculty (http://hipsec.unlv.edu) to discuss potential PhD research projects.

For more information go to: http://hipsec.unlv.edu/opportunities/mfn-scholarship/

Applications will be processed starting March 15th, but early submissions are strongly encouraged.