[20140310] Postdoc on Exploration of the phase diagram (pressure, temperature and electric field) of new organic Mott insulator compounds, IMN-CNRS, Nantes, France

Mott insulator compounds are well known to present Insulator to Metal Transition (IMT) under pressure or with doping. We have recently discovered at IMN (Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel de Nantes) that electric pulses could also induce a non volatile IMT and in some cases reveal “hidden” phases such as superconducting one. This class of compounds could be used in the future in the fields of non-volatile memories and in neural networks.
The aim of this post-doctoral position is to establish the pressure-temperature-electric field phase diagram of a new class of organic single-component Mott insulator synthesized at ISCR (Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes). In particular the candidate will determine for different compounds the dependence of the threshold electric field necessary to induce the IMT as a function of pressure and temperature. For this project, the postdoc will have to develop electrical measurement under high pressure generated by a diamond anvil cell. Experiences in this field would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: benoit.corraze@cnrs-imn.fr