International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology
Association Internationale pour Avancement de la Recherche et de la Technologie aux Hautes Pressions

2015 Bridgman and Jamieson Awards

The selection procedures for the 2015 AIRAPT Bridgman and Jamieson Awards are now completed. The winners are:

  • 2015 AIRAPT Bridgman Award: Paul Loubeyre (CEA, Bruyères-Le-Châtel, FRANCE)
  • 2015 AIRAPT Jamieson Award: Ross Howie (Post Doc, University of Edinburgh, UK)

Svetlana Vladimirovna Popova (1935-2015)

Svetlana Vladimirovna Popova (1935-2015)Svetlana Vladimirovna Popova (1935-2015)

Most abundant mineral on Earth named after P.W. Bridgman

Percy Bridgman (1882-1961) pioneered the use of high pressure to study the minerals of Earth's crust and mantle. Among the honors he received was the 1949 Nobel physics prize. Now Bridgman has the posthumous honor of having a mineral named after him - and not just any mineral: Bridgmanite is the most abundant on Earth.

2013, Seattle, USA

24th Joint AIRAPT and APS-SCCM International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology, Seattle, USA, July 7-12, 2013.

[20150830] Joint AIRAPT-25 and EHPRG-53 , Madrid, Spain, August 30-September 4, 2015

The Joint 25th AIRAPT International Conference and 53rd EHPRG Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology will be held in Madrid, Spain, August 30-September 4, 2015. More details at

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