International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology
Association Internationale pour l'Avancement de la Recherche et de la Technologie aux Hautes Pressions

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AIRAPT turns 50

On the 50th Anniversary of the AIRAPT foundation after the First AIRAPT Conference in Le Creusot, France, back in 1965, the Organizing Committee of the joint AIRAPT‐25 & EHPRG‐53 Conference had the opportunity to commemorate this event in Madrid.

Attached please find some remarks on the event by Professor Fernando Rodriguez, and the slides of a presentation delivered by Professor Karl Syassen.

2015 Bridgman and Jamieson Awards

The selection procedures for the 2015 AIRAPT Bridgman and Jamieson Awards are now completed. The winners are:

  • 2015 AIRAPT Bridgman Award: Paul Loubeyre (CEA, Bruyères-Le-Châtel, FRANCE)
  • 2015 AIRAPT Jamieson Award: Ross Howie (Post Doc, University of Edinburgh, UK)
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