International Association for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology
Association Internationale pour l'Avancement de la Recherche et de la Technologie aux Hautes Pressions

List of AIRAPT Members

Following the new definition of "AIRAPT membership" included in the revised AIRAPT Consitution approved in Rio de Janeiro (2019), a list of AIRAPT Members is now available at:

2019 Bridgman and Jamieson Awards

The selection procedures for the 2019 AIRAPT Bridgman and Jamieson Awards are now completed. The winners are:

  • 2019 AIRAPT Bridgman Award: Gilbert (Rip) Collins (University of Rochester, USA; formerly at: LLNL, USA)
  • 2019 AIRAPT Jamieson Award: Jin Liu (刘 锦) (Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research (HPSTAR), China)

AIRAPT goes social

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AIRAPT Proceedings

The AIRAPT Proceeedings page has now been updated, with links to available PDF copies of past proceedings.

AIRAPT new logo

AIRAPT has a new logo!

The logo was selected by the AIRAPT Executive Committee among a large number of proposals.

The selected logo was designed by Dr. Philip Dalladay-Simpson (HPSTAR, China), to whom the AIRAPT is deeply indebted for his important contribution. Thanks are also due to all participants in the call, whose artistic and creative designs made the competition tight.

Historical AIRAPT documents (1966-1982)

In April 2016, the AIRAPT Executive Committee was contacted by M. François-Yves JULIEN, archivist of the Academie François Bourdon (AFB).

In 2003, the Institut Universitaire de Technologie Le Creusot had asked the AFB to take care of a large amount of AIRAPT documents, and M. Julien needed clarification on their status.

The Executive Committee proposed (*) to deposit these documents at AFB for an indefinite period of time. The AFB will take care of this material, index it and make an inventory.


The AIRAPT Newsletter is sent yearly to its members by e-mail.

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