[20140131] Göran Gustafsson postdoctoral fellowships for 2014-2015 at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

A successful candidate is expected to join an existing research group in all subject areas at KTH, which in a broad sense can be described as belonging to Engineering Physics, such as parts of Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Engineering. The fellowships are awarded for a maximum of 1 + 1 year, beginning during June-August or September 1, 2014, at the latest. For a prolongation into the second year a progress report of the studies should be submitted after 9 months and a decision about the second year will be taken shortly thereafter by the dean.
A candidate must obtain an agreement with a senior contact person at KTH showing that she/he is welcome as a postdoctoral fellow at that research group. The application can only be submitted via these contact persons at KTH, not directly by the applicants. Applications received from other than the senior contact persons at KTH will not be considered. However, it is important that the application, including the research plans, is written by the candidate although the application is submitted by the senior contact person at KTH.

An application shall contain a Curriculum Vitae (maximum 4 pages) and a list of publications for the candidate, a description of the research the candidate will take part in at KTH for her/his further education (maximum 2 pages) and two or three letters of recommendation, including one from the contact person at KTH.

Preprints shall not be included. Candidates cannot have their PhD degrees from KTH or the Stockholm area. Candidates must not have obtained their PhD degrees earlier than three years (36 months) before starting the postdoc position. Those who have not finished their PhD studies when applying must obtain their PhD degrees before June 1, 2014.

The candidates should also give the full addresses at which they can be reached during February - May 2014. The final decision is expected to be taken before March 1, 2014.

The evaluation of the candidates will be done by a group of senior academics that will evaluate the applications, where focus will be on the documented research excellence of the candidates.

Applications should be sent via the contact persons at KTH and arrive not later than January 31, 2014 to:

Deans Office, Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI)
Teknikringen 8
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
SE-100 44 Stockholm

The successful candidate will be supported through a postdoctoral stipend (tax free) amounting to around 22000SEK/month

Questions are preferably sent to the contact person at the departments at KTH.

Please indicate the reference number S-2013-1358 on the top of the application.

Stockholm, November 2013

Leif Kari, Dean School of Engineering Sciences