[20120415] Postdoctoral Researcher in experimental high-pressure mineral physics/geochemistry, Bayreuth, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher in experimental high-pressure mineral physics/geochemistry

Bayerisches Geoinstitut, University of Bayreuth, D-95440 Bayreuth, Germany

This postdoc position, which can be filled for up to 5 years, is for a scientist who will investigate the partitioning of a range of elements between liquid Fe-alloys, silicate liquids and crystalline silicates up to the pressure-temperature conditions of the Earth’s core-mantle boundary. The position is funded by the European Research Council project “Accretion and Early Differentiation of the Earth and the Terrestrial Planets”. The uccessful candidate will work in a multidisciplinary team with expertise that covers planetary science, accretion modeling and cosmochemistry (see: http://www.accrete.uni-bayreuth.de).

Experience of one or more of the following experimental/analytical techniques is desirable: laser-heated diamond anvil and/or multianvil experiments, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), focused ion beam (FIB) sample preparation, laser ablation ICPMS analysis, nano-SIMS analysis.

Applications, consisting of a CV, publication list, details of three referees and a statement of current and future research interests, should be sent to Prof. David Rubie (dave.rubie@uni-bayreuth.de), from whom further details can be obtained.

Applications will be accepted until 15 April 2012.