[20120131] Two Lectureships in Condensed Matter Physics, Edinburgh, UK

Applications are invited for two lectureships in condensed matter physics.
These are to complement and extend the School's research in one or both of the following areas

(1) strongly correlated electron systems
(2) physics of materials at extreme conditions

The positions are open to both experimentalists and theoretical/computational physicists whose research is strongly linked with experimental studies.

The successful applicants will be based in the School of Physics and Astronomy and the adjoining Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC).

Current research in the School and CSEC includes programmes on quantum criticality, superconductivity, topologically protected states, magnetism, electronic structure, structural physics at extreme conditions, materials synthesis at extreme conditions, radiation damage, and solids under dynamic compression.

We are equipped for low-temperature measurements, single crystal growth, focussed-ion beam lithography, Raman, X-ray scattering and a wide range of high-pressure techniques, and have access to unrivalled HPC facilities through the EPCC. We also make extensive use of central research facilities worldwide; synchrotrons and other x-ray sources, spallation and reactor-based neutron sources, high magnetic fields and high-powered lasers.

Details of research in CSEC and the School of Physics and Astronomy, and recent research highlights, can be found at http://www.ph.ed.ac.uk/research/institute-for-condensed-matter-and-compl...


More details on: http://www.jobs.ed.ac.uk/vacancies/index.cfm?fuseaction=vacancies.detail...

For informal enquiries, please contact Prof Malcolm McMahon ( mim@ph.ed.ac.uk ) and/or
Prof. Graeme Ackland ( gjackland@ed.ac.uk ).