[20110331] Associate Professor Position (Extreme or metastable conditions), University of Lyon, France

Application for the opening of a “Maître de Conférences” (Associate Professor)

Title: Physics and physico-chemistry in metastable or extreme conditions

Scientific context:

F. Caupin joined the group “Extreme conditions and metastability” of LPMCN as a professor in 2010. F. Caupin’s research carried under the ERC starting grant WASSR deals with the characterization over several scales of liquids in a metastable state, and explores in particular the metastability limits of liquid water. This range of activities shares common investigation tools with, and complements the activities of the group, which has been mainly involved in high pressure research. Techniques for measuring the viscosity of metastable water will also be developed. This opening position aims at strengthening this original research program, a multiscale study of the conditions under which metastable liquids and solids exist, and of their
properties, in a collaborative context involving several laboratories that share common interests (Earth sciences, LPCML).

Position outline: Research laboratory: LPMCN; Teaching: Université Lyon I

The candidate hired on this “maître de conférences” (associate professor) position will be an experimentalist in physics, who will get involved in the research activities of the Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée et Nanostructures (UMR 5586), carried in the group “Extreme conditions and metastability”. The research of the group will deal with metastable states of matter under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, with a special focus on negative pressures and supercooling. Although not required, the candidate’s skills in one or several of the following techniques will be appreciated: spectroscopy and micro-spectroscopy (Brillouin, Raman), measurements on large facilities (synchrotron, neutron source), viscometry and microviscometry. The desired candidate will have a thorough knowledge of thermodynamics and condensed matter physics. The position is open to research programs that will match the topics covered in the group.

Contacts :
Research : Frédéric CAUPIN (frederic.caupin@univ-lyon1.fr)
Laboratory : LPMCN. Director: Alfonso SAN MIGUEL (alfonso.san.miguel@univ-lyon1.fr)
Teaching : Sonia FLECK (sonia.fleck@univ-lyon1.fr)