[20100930] PhD position in the High Pressure Science and Engineering Center at UNLV, USA

A research assistantship is available at UNLV High-Pressure Science and Engineering Center (HiPSEC) for a Ph.D. student to study deformation of metals, ceramics and composites subjected to shock compression. The overall goal is to gain insights into the microstructure-property relations under high strain rate loading in order to develop physics-based models for plasticity and damage. There are also opportunities to pursue related projects in high-pressure mineral physics such as pseudo-tachylite formation and rock deformation at high strain rate.

The research will heavily involve synchrotron X-ray diffraction and tomography measurements, and hands-on shock wave experiments. The student will have ample opportunities to run experiments at the synchrotron microdiffraction beamlines at sector 16 (HPCAT), APS and at other synchrotron light sources. The student will also be exposed to in-house material characterization tools such as SEM, EBSD, and TEM, and some simulation/modeling tools as molecular dynamics and continuum mechanics.

The research projects will involve Oliver Tschauner (Geosciences and Physics) at UNLV, and Sheng-Nian Luo at Los Alamos National Lab. The student will join the efforts of UNLV/HiPSEC and perform DOE/NNSA mission related studies. There will be opportunities for long term visits at the National Laboratories at Los Alamos and Argonne.

The selected applicant must officially apply to the UNLV Graduate Program and be able to meet all university and departmental requirements.

For more information on the projects and application procedure, contact Dr. Oliver Tschauner (email: olivert@physics.unlv.edu ; phone +1 702 895 1716). To ensure full consideration, applications should be received by September 30th, 2010.