[20180723] HPSP18 & WHS2 (Barcelona, Spain)

The Joint 18th International Conference on High Pressure Semiconductor Physics & 2nd International Workshop on High Pressure Study of Superconductors (HPSP18 & WHS2) will be held in Barcelona, Spain, July 23-27, 2018. This will be the second time that the conference is organized in this format, merging the dissemination activities of both semiconductor and superconductor high-pressure communities into one joint conference.

The Eighteenth International Conference on High Pressure Semiconductor Physics (HPSP18) is a satellite of the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS 2018) to be held in Montpellier, France, during the first week of August. The International Workshop on High Pressure Study of Superconductors (WHS2) will merge with HPSP series for the second time in Barcelona, after the success of the first joint meeting in Tokyo in 2016. The aim of HPSP18&WHS2 is to bring together young and experienced researchers from different fields to meet during a single-session conference for the exchange of ideas, dissemination and discussion of their latest results in research areas dealing with the application of high pressure and other forms of stress to study both semiconductors and superconductors.

The HPSP18&WHS2 conference will review the latest advances and developments of both bulk and nanostructured semiconductor and/or superconductor materials and devices using high pressure techniques, including advances in pressure-induced superconductivity, novel materials, design of high pressure apparatus, and other related topics. Finally, by bringing together scientists in semiconductor and superconductor high pressure physics, we expect to create new synergies, strengthening activities in both research areas.

Click on https://congresses.icmab.es/hpsp18-whs2/ to go to the HPSP18&WHS2 webpage or click on https://congresses.icmab.es/hpsp18-whs2/hpsp18-whs2-second-circular.pdf to directly see the second announcement with further information of this event.

Alejandro Goñi (goni@icmab.es) & Fernando Rodríguez (fernando.rodriguez@unican.es), Chairs