[20140400] Production Engineer at Almax easyLab Ltd, Diksmuide, Belgium

The current vacancy is for the role of Production Engineer at Almax easyLab Ltd (http://www.almax-easyLab.com) within our Production Unit. The position is based in Diksmuide, Belgium. The candidate should have a practical and pragmatic mind and hands-on experience of setting up scientific equipment for high pressure, optical and also low temperature. Very importantly he/she must be able to fit in and contribute to a small dedicated team of similar individuals. A scientific and/or technical qualification such as Bachelor in Science is a requisite. A candidate with a MSc would be at an advantage.

- Have a good understanding of high pressure related equipment such as diamond anvil cells, optical equipment based on laser excitation (Ruby, Raman);
- Have some practical experience in assembling & using diamond anvil cells;
- Have understanding of various pressure mechanisms, screw driven DACs, Gas Membrane DACs,…
- Be comfortable with handling fine and small components to successfully assemble DACs;
- Be comfortable working with small objects and working under a microscope;
- Have experience in spectroscopy techniques is essential (fluorescence, Raman,…). The candidate must be comfortable in using optical components such as lenses, filters, mirrors and other optical components. Show confidence in the final setting up and optical alignment of DACs;
- Be able to test DACs under pressure and provide test results in an organised fashion;
- Be proactive and resourceful to troubleshoot projects during the production stage;
- Be a team player to be able to exchange and communicate information within the team but also to help and support others as well as receiving information for the benefit of the company;
- Provide technical support to the whole production team during the assembling and testing phases of customers’ orders;
- Keep yourself and the company up to date in the latest technological developments in thefield of high pressure and related optical equipment.
- Have the creative skills to both improve our wide range of existing products but also to be able to contribute to the development of new innovative products..
- Have a good understanding of 2D or 3D CAD drawings. Candidate will not be expected to draw but the ability to read engineering drawings (both 3D models and detailed 2D drawings) is very important (further training will be provided by the company if required).
- Have a good grasp of English and technical writing with the view of creating and editing technical guides, user guides and work instructions.
- Provide input for video filming and editing of technical processes for work instructions and video guides for customers.

As one of our Production Engineers, you’ll provide professional engineering, technical and scientific skills for the delivery of Customers’ orders & related projects. You will also be involved in the work revolving around repairs and customer support. This might also involve when required to travel to the customer’s site for training and installation. Salary/Benefits (to be negotiated depending on experience and profile): €38,000 gross/annum

Benefits :
- Weekly meal vouchers
- Medical insurance

Should you be interested in applying for this position, contact Dr Christophe THESSIEU, ct@almax-easyLab.com or +44 78 55 340 428.