Vladimir V. Milyavskiy (1969-2013)

In memory of Dr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Milyavskiy (1969-2013)

On 12.06.2013, Dr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Milyavskiy unexpectedly passed away by fatal accident in a diving pool in Moscow.

Dr. Milyavskiy was head of Department for Shock-Wave Actions of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS, Moscow, Russia. He was a recognized expert and author of a hundred works in the field of experimental study of thermophysical properties and phase transformations of materials (fullerenes, other carbon materials, rocks and minerals) at high pressures and temperatures in shock and release waves.

1992 — M.Sc., graduate with honors from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
1996 — Ph.D.

He was a regular participant since 1994 and a member of the program committee since 2008 of the International Conferences "Equations of State for Matter" and "Interaction of Intense Energy Fluxes with Matter" in Elbrus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. As well, he participated frequently in the EHPRG, AIRAPT and APS SCCM conferences.

22.07.2013 Vladimir was about to turn 44 years old, he was full of vitality and creative plans, a loving son, husband and father, a faithful friend and reliable partner.

(Contributed by: Konstantin Khishchenko.)