[20130930] PhD in Theoretical Condensed-Matter Physics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Ph.D. position in Theoretical Condensed-Matter Physics, Department of Physics & Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

We are looking for excellent candidates for a Ph. D. student position in theoretical condensed matter physics. The research project will include the development and application of state-of-the-art condensed matter theoretical methods, numerical methods for prediction of structures and their physical and electronic properties including magnetism, thermoelectricity, ultra-hardness, novel optical properties, and superconductivity. Theoretical methods will include structural prediction methods that employ genetic algorithm methods and metadynamics methods for condensed matter applications. Ab initio molecular dynamics will be an essential tool. Theoretical work will proceed in strong collaboration with experimental studies with groups at Canada's national synchrotron facility, the Canadian Light Source, as well as external collaborators.  

The position is open to all candidates who have a B. Sc. degree in physics, chemistry or related areas, with preference given to those who have (1) knowledge and experience with computer code development for condensed matter material science applications, and (2) familiarity with application of density-functional codes for calculation of condensed-matter electronic and physical properties.

The expected starting date is September 2013, but early starting dates are also possible. To apply, applicants should send their CV and contact information of 3 references to Yansun Yao (yansun.yao@usask.ca)

Yansun Yao, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Engineering Physics
University of Saskatchewan
116 Science Place, Saskatoon SK, S7N 5B2 Canada
Tel: (306) 657 3659