[20120105] Associate scientist in Earth Sciences at Univ. Clermont Ferrand II, France

Associate Scientist: "Experimental petrology at high pressure and high temperature"

Discipline : Earth Sciences
Specialty : Experimental petrology
Establishment : Universite' Blaise Pascal Clermont Ferrand II
Unit : Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans LMV (UMR 6524)
Location : Clermont-Ferrand
Level: CR-2nd class

Context :
The experimental petrology team of the LMV has a reputable expertise in high-pressure, high-temperature (HP-HT) experiments. Its research activity tackles scientific themes ranging from the surface of the Earth to the base of the terrestrial mantle (i.e. from Magmatology to Mineral Physics). In response to this diversity, the team has installed an ensemble of HP-HT instruments. These instruments are mutualized to the scientific community under the organization of a "National Platform for HP-HT experiments" including two multi-anvil presses and other HP-HT instruments (piston-cylinders, controlled atmosphere furnaces, autoclave gas-vessels and diamond anvil cells). In the next few years, new state of the art equipment will be added to this "platform" within the scope of the "Laboratoire d'Excellence (LabEx)" ClerVolc. These new acquisitions will bring this HP-HT experimental instrumental facility to the level of the best international labs, particularly with additions of in situ measurements (i.e. data acquisition during experiments). This implies the new acquisitions of sample-preparation instruments, experimental instruments and enables the characterization of the physico-chemical properties of the experimental charges.

The candidate must - demonstrate his/her capacity to conduct research in the field of experimental petrology. The person will perform experiments
and lead research projects; - Develop projects consistent with pre-existing research themes of the experimental petrology group of LMV. Such research topics tackle various aspects of physical and chemical phenomena influencing the terrestrial mantle; - Use high-pressure, high-temperature facility of LMV to conduct innovative research. Integration of in-situ experimental techniques in previous or future projects is strongly appreciated.

Administrative details:
- Application files should be submitted to the CNRS administration before January 5th. Prior to application, it is strongly recommended to contact Ken Koga and/or Denis Andrault .
- Selection between the candidates will be made by a National Committee. Interviews (~20min) will take place in Paris between March 26 and 30, 2012.
- Effective work at LMV is expected to start in September-October 2012.