[20111001] Post-doctoral Fellow in Mineral Physics, IMPMC, Paris 6, France

We invite applications for a post-doctoral research position to carry out high-pressure experiments and investigate phase relations and element partitioning during melting of model peridotite and basalt compositions at conditions of the deep lower mantle. The project aims to elucidate the chemical and geodynamic consequences of partial melting at the core mantle boundary, as well as the crystallization of an early magma ocean.

The candidate will ideally be skilled with laser-heated diamond anvil cell and sample micro-analysis techniques. A background in experimental petrology, mineral physics, or experimental geophysics and geochemistry is an advantage. Experience with analytical techniques such as transmission electron microscopy, electron microprobe analysis, SIMS, FIB/SEM, nanoSIMS is appreciated. Strong candidates with an experimental background but with limited DAC experience will be also be considered.

The ANR-funded research grant runs for two years from October 1, 2011 at the mineral physics group at the Institut de Minéralogie et de Physique des Milieux Condensés (IMPMC) at University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6). IMPMC offers a range of state-of-the-art experimental and analytical equipment including various IR, Raman, Brillouin and X-ray spectrometers, TEM microscopes, X-ray diffractometers, FIB and FEG-SEM microscopes, in addition to dedicated laser-heating facilities in diamond-anvil cells. Applicants should submit a CV, a 1-2 page statement of research interests, and the names of three references to Guillaume Fiquet (guillaume.fiquet@upmc.fr). Position will remain open until filled.