Izabella Grzegory

Izabella GrzegoryIzabella Grzegory

Izabella Grzegory, physicist, graduated from Electrotechnical Institute, St Petersburg in 1983, PhD and habilitation at the Institute of Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. Since 1983 she is working for the Institute of High Pressure Physics PAS, Warsaw, Poland, since 2011 as director of the Institute. She is co-author of more than 380 scientific papers and book chapters. Her main scientific interest is growth of semiconductor crystals especially gallium nitride (GaN) at very high pressures of nitrogen. In 1995 she got Jamieson Award (international) for best PhD Thesis in High Pressure Science and Technology and 2nd Prize in Prof. G. Bialkowski Competition for best Polish PhD Thesis in Mathematics and Physics in 1995. She was elected member of the AIRAPT Executive Committee in 2009. E-mail: izabella@unipress.waw.pl