[20110911] PhD position at University Paris Nord, France

PhD position (3 years) in experimental high-pressure physics and chemistry, Paris/Villetaneuse, France

"Synthesis of novel nitrides via high pressure - high temperature techniques and physical vapor deposition (PVD)."

The PhD-student will work on synthesis of novel advanced nitrides at pressures to 50 GPa and temperatures to 3000 K via chemical reactions in high-pressure apparatuses such as the laser heated diamond anvil cell and multi-anvil press. The work could include experiments on the P-T phase diagram of binary and ternary nitrides of the group IVB and VB elements (e.g. c-Zr3N4, eta-Ta2N3), the search for novel phases or compounds, their characterization, and properties measurements. Depending on funding, the work will be extended by the PVD deposition of c-Zr3N4 films with the aim to compare their elastic, mechanical, and optoelectronic properties with those of the HP-HT products. Novel HP-HT materials and PVD-films should be characterized using a variety of methods such as X-ray- and electron diffraction, electron microscopy and microprobe analysis. The properties (elastic, mechanic, optical, optoelectronic, sound velocities) should be examined at atmospheric pressure and on compression to 100 GPa applying nanoindentation, Raman spectroscopy, laser ultrasonics, and X-ray diffraction combined with the synchrotron radiation.

Requirements for the candidate:
Master diploma or equivalent in condensed matter physics or chemistry, materials science, mineralogy or similar. Experience in work with high pressure devices, in structural analysis (e.g. Rietveld refinement, interpretation of the electron diffraction patterns) or application of lasers is of advantage.

Place of work:
The PhD-work will be performed in the research laboratory "Laboratoire de Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux" located on the campus of the University Paris Nord in Villetaneuse (suburb of Paris). Interested candidates should submit (preferably via Email) their CV before September 15, 2011 to

Andreas ZERR
LSPM-CNRS, Institut Galilée
Université Paris Nord
99, av. J. B. Clément
93430 Villetaneuse

phone: +33(0)14940-3493/-2075
fax: +33(0)14940-3938
Email: zerr@univ-paris13.fr